This Keke AI competition is an AI competition where teams submit bots written in Javascript that can solve levels submitted to the Baba is Y'all framework - a mixed-initiative collaborative level editing site that uses the game mechanics of 'Baba is You.'

Baba is You

Baba is You is a puzzle game developed by Arvi “Hempuli” Teikari originally for the 2017 Nordic Game Jam and then expanded to a full game with more mechanics. It has a similar gameplay style to Sokoban in that players must control a character and push sprite blocks around to beat the level. However, the rules for interacting with particular sprites on the level are changed by moving word tile blocks to form rules. These rules of the level can be created or broken at any time, and much of the game involves manipulating the rules in a certain order or orientation to allow the puzzle to be solved.

AI Challenge

Because of the dynamically changing rules and sprite relationships, Baba is You is a prospecting challenge for AI solvers. The complexity of a level can vary because of these ever-changing rules, some rule combinations creating drastic changes the game states (such as permanently altering or destroying a sprite on the map) that would otherwise be unsolvable by even the best Sokoban solver agents. With the Baba is Y'all editor and database, these levels can grow even further in complexity and diversity in terms of rules and solutions. As such, we are holding the Keke AI competition to invite entrants to submit their own solver agents for the Baba is Y'all framework that are capable of solving puzzles with a dynamically changing rule-base.

Team Name
Levels Solved
Time-1 / # steps
2022-07-07 10:18:26
Keke AI Devs - Default
2022-02-23 04:56:12
Keke AI Devs - BFS
2022-02-24 01:47:43
Keke AI Devs - DFS
2022-02-24 01:52:39
2022-05-03 20:52:28


  • Please refer to the competition Wiki for any guides and reference for using the framework
  • Updates to the framwork will be posted on our Twitter page here
  • Any further questions can be directed to our developer team email kekeaicompetition@gmail.com

Team Creation

  • Teams of any size are allowed
  • Only one email account may be associated per team, emails of other team members or any other information may be mentioned in the 'About' section of the profile page
  • If a password is forgotten or incorrectly registered, please email us at [ kekeaicompetition@gmail.com ] using the same email address registered with and we can replace the password for you
  • Links to submission code (such as Github links) may be added to the profile page (but are not required for submission)

Submission Rules

  • Competition agents can be submitted on the 'Submit' page. Teams must be signed in first in order to submit.
  • Agent files must have the format [name]_AGENT.js
  • Submissions must include the agent file (along with any optional helper files) and must be a compressed to a .zip file
  • Zip files must be a maximum of 50 MB in size
  • Helper script files such as libraries are allowed but must be included within the submitted zip file. However, the agent to be evaluated itself must have the naming convention specified above
  • Teams may only submit a new file at least 60 minutes after the last submission
  • The agent must have the following functions within the module_export object. The contents may contain anything or nothing but the functions need to be present with these exact names
    1. init
    2. step
    3. best_sol

Evaluation Process

  • Teams are ranked on agent performance that is evaluated in the following order:
    1. Code error (agents that error out in the preprocessing step are automatically placed at the bottom)
    2. % levels solved successfully
    3. Average time-1 / solution length (i.e. agents that give shorter solutions solved in quicker time are ranked higher)
    4. Time submitted (in the case of a tie in all other categories, the agent submitted earlier is ranked higher)
  • The evaluation levels are custom made Baba is Y'all levels. They are not included on the site and cannot be downloaded by participants.


Coming soon!


You need an account to submit an agent!

You can login or create a new account for your team by registering an email and password here.

The competition framework is located on our Github page and you can view other resources in the window on the left.

Check out the RULES tab for submission instructions once you are logged in.

M Charity
Sarah Chen
Julian Togelius
PhD student at the Game Innovation Lab at NYU.